KBEE® - Knowledge Based Economic Engineering

Reduce risks and increase returns from your investments in physical assets

Meet KBEE®, our proprietary methodology for delivering whole-life value assurance.

KBEE® typically identifies savings between 25% and 50% of planned capital expenditure over the asset life-cycle, identifying and quantifying value opportunities that could go completely unseen otherwise. It’s a completely unique way of approaching whole life value, designed to reduce risks and increase returns - and it’s a crucial part of why what we do is so different.

Optimising costs, risks and performance

At its core, KBEE® is all about challenging normal ways of thinking and finding innovative ways to demonstrate how you can both reduce your risks and costs, while increasing your performance to maximise your returns. KBEE® identifies and realises opportunities to find value by changing focus from a one-dimensional view of your business to a multi- dimensional approach that takes every angle into consideration, including future unknowns.

KBEE® aligns your strategy with your decisions, evolving the way you think about your assets.

Uniquely connecting finance, engineering and operations

KBEE® works by applying extensive analysis and insight to identify value opportunities. But while many methodologies look only at one type of opportunity, KBEE takes everything into account, from your revenue and costs to your asset performance to your risks and opportunities.

KBEE® takes into account your business plans, cost models, forecasts, and other elements of your financial and commercial planning, putting it all together for a deep financial analysis. But it doesn't stop there. We combine this analysis with our insight into your engineering and assets, including your maintenance structure, operational availability, and asset performance. Once we’ve put together a holistic view of your entire business, we begin to identify the hidden value opportunities.

The Value Opportunity Gap

In many businesses, the financial and commercial functions talk in one language - the language of money and finance.

Meanwhile, the Engineering and Operations and Maintenance functions talk about assets in a technical way. Very rarely do these two sides of the business talk the same language: Value.

At Indicatura, we understand both of these sides of the business and work with our clients to create a common language focused on Value, enabling your business to work together better and improve returns from the investments in assets.


Your assets should be your most powerful tool - but are they performing the way they should be?

Data-driven evidence and assurance for key investment decisions

KBEE® makes sure we leave nothing to chance. We believe in making data-driven decisions, and KBEE helps you do exactly that.

KBEE® helps our clients think outside the box for realistic, tangible results. And it's adaptable, with the flexibility to suit a diverse range of businesses, industries and situations.

We’ve used KBEE® to find $24million in Net Present Value (NPV) enhancements for an oil and gas refinery expansion. Additionally, for a £100m asset storage project, we identified potential reductions in capital expenditure of 45% and operational expenditure of 63%.

And our KBEE® analysis identified immediate benefits of up to 50% reduction in unplanned downtime for a multi-site manufacturing facility.

Are you looking to find new opportunities to maximise the value your assets deliver for your business? Are you struggling to make data-driven decisions and reduce costs? With KBEE®, there’s a way - get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.

Your assets should be your most powerful tool - but are they performing the way they should be?

Vastly Improved ROI

Greater Value

Improved Performance

Reduced Risks

Flexible Support

No business is the same - we take the time and effort needed to understand exactly who you are and what you do so we can offer tailored expert advice on the Whole Life Value of your assets - and how to make the most of them.

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Specialist Consultancy

Your assets are a critical factor to your success - and our specialised consulting, assurance and optimisation support delivers real, tangible benefits designed to maximise your profitability and minimise your risks.

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Independent Insight

We're dedicated to giving you all the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your operation, including your costs, risks, benefits and opportunities - presented in a way that's easy to understand and tailored to you.

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