Published June 18 2021

The Growth of Indicatura

How our new development team is helping Indicatura become industry leaders

Over the past three years, Indicatura has tripled in size. We have been expanding at a significant rate – and it’s now time for another period of growth.

Indicatura has always been at the forefront of pioneering new technology and solutions to enable our clients to secure more value from their assets and capital investments.  Given the results that clients were achieving and their support and feedback,  we’ve decided to take it a step further. 

Our Development Team

Our new development team represents a step-change in the way Indicatura works, focusing on developing even more ways to bring value to our clients.

“Our new development team will be dedicated to analysing, understanding and creating innovative new ways to offer our clients even more support and services, including the further development of our proprietary methodology which continues to help our clients deliver unrivaled value from their assets” says Dr David Kirkwood, Indicatura founder – who will be heading up the new department. “We are creating what will become the underpinning foundation for our client service package, but it will also allow us to exploit innovative and novel value levers. This will enable our clients to create  even more value from the investments they make in critical assets”

“With the introduction of this new team, there are some truly exciting opportunities in Indicatura’s future. Our goal has always been to lead the industry in critical asset management and whole life value assurance and this investment is a sign of our confidence in Indicatura’s future.”

“This is just the beginning of many exciting announcements in Indicatura’s future.”

Our clients will continue to enjoy the industry-leading support we currently provide and going forward,  you can expect to benefit even more from the  ideas and opportunities that we will be developing. 

Ian Kennedy as our new Managing Director 

To ensure we continue on our ambitious path of growth and development, Industry-leading asset consultant Ian Kennedy is joining Indicatura as Managing Director. 

Ian is an expert in business transformation and growth, having previously led Arcadis Malaysia as it evolved from a start-up with zero employees to an influential consultancy with a team of 300 people, and recently as business development partner with the fast growing Arcadis UK Business Transformation team

“During my 30 years working in asset management and business transformation I’ve gained insight into the challenges that some of the world’s biggest organisations face in maximising the performance of, and return on investment in their critical assets.  What’s exciting to me is that Indicatura is uniquely positioned to answer those challenges, with industry-leading technology and in-house solutions that turn data into insight to inform business critical decisions. ” says Ian. 

“I’m looking forward to not only supporting Indicatura’s growth, but the growth of our clients, both existing and new.”

The Indicatura of the future…

We have ambitious goals and an exciting future, coupled with our undoubted expertise and our robust and pioneering technology, which both continue to grow in scale and capability, we are confident in our aim to be industry leaders and the trusted voice our clients need to take their business to the next level.