Published June 22 2021

KBEE® Through the Asset Life Cycle

How KBEE® works at every stage

In our previous blogs, we’ve discussed Whole Life Value, what it is, and why it matters to your business and your assets. One of the ways we analyse and quantify Whole Life Value is through our proprietary methodology, KBEE® – which stands for Knowledge-Based Economic Engineering.

What is KBEE?

We’ve designed KBEE® to work throughout an asset’s entire life cycle, from cradle to grave. It combines asset knowledge and engineering analysis, considerations of a business’s finances and operations, and untapped opportunities and scenarios to produce the best possible results. In fact, KBEE® typically identifies savings of between 25% and 50% of planned capital expenditure.

KBEE® can be used at any point in an asset’s life cycle to find value and opportunities – but the way in which it’s used differs for every unique point of that life cycle.

How We Use KBEE®

During the design and concept stage of a planned investment, KBEE® can be used to identify value opportunities – and then quantify them to find the best possible choice. While this can mean proving to shareholders and investors that the planned investment is indeed the best possible option, it can also mean uncovering new opportunities or different ideas, with the analysis and proof to quantify why they’re a better choice.

Once an investment has been decided upon, KBEE® is used to align procurement processes and acquisition to realise the benefits of the asset without delay, preventing expensive teething issues and maximising profit from day one.

KBEE® is also used throughout the asset’s life, with detailed reports on operations and maintenance, and development for additional opportunities and improvements.

KBEE® is an essential part of what we do – but it’s just one part of it. In future pieces we’ll discuss how we use our blend of analysis and support at every stage – starting with how we approach end-of-life preparation for assets being decommissioned and replaced.